About Us

We at the Episcopal Church of the Creator understand ourselves to be “ambassadors for Christ,” spreading the good news of the biblical witness through the love of our worship community and into the world. We understand the unique reality of the incarnation as the witness of God’s love for us and as a sign of God’s intention for us to witness to all in the name of Jesus Christ.

We believe that it is our calling to grow in a deeper relationship with Christ through the Holy Spirit, and to that end, we are committed to prayer and study as basic components of our Christian vocation.

Our Priest, The Reverend Bill Burk, is a gifted preacher and teacher who seeks to praise God and inspire people with the words of Holy Scripture. Father Burk’s sermons are biblically-based lessons aimed at equipping hearers to live godly lives in today’s tumultuous and changing world. Please join us on Sunday morning to lift to God our prayers and praise and to grow in the company of others who seek the Way.